Grandma Tull's Stories                                           

     by Janet S Fields                      





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Previewing Grandma Tull's Stories

Deciding what parts of Grandma Tull's Stories to offer as preview material was difficult. The book is an interweaving of short stories, Grandma Tull's first-person narrative, and a more traditional third-person form. One part does not do justice to the sum of the whole; indeed reading only one chapter may confuse the reader into thinking the book is a collection of short stories, or simply a story of Grandma Tull herself. Nay, gentle reader, it is all of that but more. One must not get lost in the intertwining web of stories (although there is much in there that getting lost in would not be so unpleasant) but must press on to the end to understand the subtle weaving of tales.

I have chosen three preview chapters, with a brief description before each, to better help you understand the contents of each chapter. Feel free to download all chapters. Email or tell a friend if you enjoy the story.

PDF format is required to download and read the chapters. If you don't have a PDF reader, just click on the Get Adobe Reader icon below, and you can download Adobe Reader software from Adobe for free.

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Download Chapter One

This is a simple short-story as appropriate to Rosie's age of six. It is the story of the fairies, because it all starts with the fairies: those gentle creatures  who fly throughout the land sprinkling fairy-dust to spread peace and harmony. Despised by the trolls, the fairies are wiped from the land except for the Prince and Princess who are changed by love and the magic of fairy-dust into the first butterflies.

Download Chapter Six

In this bit of narrative of Grandma Tull's early life you will meet her friends and family. In this chapter Mr. Tundal, the man who, upon marrying their mother, adopted them as his own, teaches Grandma Tull's twin brothers, Myles and Moses, the most important part of a hog-killing by introducing them to "The Ceremony of the Pig".

Download Chapter Twenty-Two

Only after Grandma Tull passes does Rosie realize the importance of Grandma Tull's stories. In this chapter she goes to the swampland to see, for herself, the troll tree; to witness the owl perched in the black, twisted limbs; to test the dank water and to feel the small hairs evidencing danger lift on the back of her neck. Only then did she accept that within every story lies a heart of truth. Only then did she understand; he would come for her.

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