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Welcome to Grandma Tull's  Stories                                            

the book where Grandma Tull, that master storyteller, leads you into a twisting labyrinth of stories within stories.

Let me take a few minutes of your time to tell you about the book before you purchase a copy or read the sample chapters. However if you can't wait to dive right into the story, click here: preview book.  I have inserted excerpts from the book at different points to help describe the various characters. Just click on the links within the text to read a passage from the book.

Grandma Tull's Stories is a fairy tale with a touch of fantasy, a bit of magic and the menace of evil. It is a story of good versus evil; a tale of how the wondrous powers of love and  justice will prevail over those things that haunt the land and stalk the night. It is the stories Grandma Tull tells to her granddaughter, Rosie, over the course of Rosie's life as she grows to young womanhood.

The stories start simple in nature, as appropriate to Rosie's age of six, to become more complex as the tale unfolds and Rosie grows. The stories are a mixed lot from tall tales and legends of the land to stories taken from Grandma Tull's own life. Each story, along with Grandma Tull's narrative, builds on the previous events to form a rich history Rosie must draw on in order to battle an ancient evil: a Troll King suspended long ago by Mother Nature into the shape of a tree; a creature no longer troll, no longer tree, but something else, something sleek and powerful that hatred gave purpose and evil gave power. This ancient evil slides from his swamp home, poisoning the land, and now he targets Rosie.

But it is more than this; it is the story of Grandma Tull's friends and family, those persons who form the basis of the book: Virginia Tundal, her strong, proper mother who supported them all, who took in strangers and with her love turned them into family; Mr. Tundal, the man who became her father, who taught her and her twin brothers, Miles and Moses, the mysteries of life and made work fun; Eugene, a boy who came to her home to get well and stayed as her friend, lover and husband of many years; and of Tanner and Musha, the colored work who came to their farm homeless and broke and stayed as family.

As you sit at Grandma Tull's knee, hearing her stories within stories, you will hear the subtle thread winding through them all. And, if you sit listening to the end, you will hear Rosie's story; how she must use Grandma Tull's stories to overcome the Troll King. You will come to find that within every story lies a heart of truth.

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Grandma Tull's Stories is published by Foxport Valley Publishing

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